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Policy Assessments

Policy Assessments

COMPASS has defined 36 operational areas consisting of 1,315 elements that collectively define an organization’s overall security posture. Using this pre-defined structure as a standard, we evaluate the client’s existing documentation to complete a policy gap analysis and identify weaknesses within the business unit. Some areas of focus include:

  • Acceptable Use of Assets
  • Asset Management
  • Electronic Mail Security
  • Information Exchange
  • Mobile Computing Security
  • Password Management
  • Access Control
  • Information Classification
  • IT Risk Management
  • Social Networking Acceptable Use

Using the data found in the policy gap analysis, COMPASS creates a chart that outlines the number of elements missing within each of the 36 policies. As an additional resource, COMPASS attaches a policy guide that specifies what each client’s policies should include. This allows the client to write their own policies if they choose to do so internally.

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