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IT Security Assessments

IT Security Assessments

In order to identify key areas of weakness, COMPASS performs an IT assessment/audit on our client’s network. The assessments are tailored to each client in order to address specific concerns and threats to their environment. Our analysts have performed assessments on thousands of hosts for organizations across the country. Some key components of our Information Technology (IT) Assessments include:

  1. Host Discovery Scanning: COMPASS scans the client’s IP addresses for all active devices that are connected to the network. This also gives insight into any rogue or unauthorized devices of which the client was not aware.
  2. Vulnerability Scanning: Using industry best practices software, COMPASS scans the client’s network to identify all known vulnerabilities on active devices.
  3. Web Applications Vulnerability Scanning: COMPASS scans the client’s external facing properties through their website to identify vulnerabilities on web pages that could lead to a loss of data or unauthorized access into network systems.

IT Security Assessments enable our clients to proactively identify their network vulnerability so that they may build a roadmap to remediate and reduce their risk. COMPASS delivers their findings in a comprehensive manner, with reports for business executives and technical experts alike. Our analysts also work with our clients to interpret the findings and give recommendations for next steps.

Penetration Testing

To further assess an organization’s security posture, COMPASS uses known exploits for the identified vulnerabilities (generated from a network vulnerability scan) to penetrate the client’s network. Using industry best practices software, our engineers mimic a bad actor/hacker and actively attempt to breach the network.

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