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ABC2 News Interviews COMPASS CISO, Ron Nemes, in discussion on the yahoo data breach23 September 2016

ABC 2 News reporter, Nadia Singh, came to the COMPASS headquarters in Baltimore, MD to discuss the Yahoo! data breach of over 500 million user accounts. Ron Nemes, our Chief Information Security Officer, met with Nadia to talk more about what users can do to protect their personal information. Some tips he provided are:

  • Immediately change your Yahoo! password
  • If you use the same password for multiple accounts, change those as well
  • Use complex password (multiple different characters, numbers, etc.)
  • Use dual-factor authentication applications
  • Protect your personal data like you would your home (with multiple layers of defense)

Watch the video below:


The full article and video can be found on the ABC 2 News site HERE.



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