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The CyberGuide Podcast28 February 2017

COMPASS Culture, IT Security, Risk Management

COMPASS is excited to announce the launch of our very own podcast, The CyberGuide! The CyberGuide discusses current threats, trends and best practice tips on cyber security in a format that will be of value to technical and non-technical listeners. With an ever changing technological world, cyber security can often be a challenging and overwhelming topic to understand. However, The CyberGuide examines these hard to grasp concepts in layman’s terms so that every listener can become more knowledgeable about cyber security. The hosts employ practical examples that are relevant to hot topics such as data breaches, malware, the Internet of Things and insider threats, among others. The intention of this podcast is to help subscribers raise their awareness, improve their security posture and protect their sensitive information, both at work and at home.

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