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Corporations Have a Social Responsibility08 March 2016


As part of our annual strategy planning, we have been refreshing our vision and associated vision statements over the past month. Although we have always taken our role of supporting local communities seriously, it hasn’t been formally documented until now. Our vision is “shifting the world’s data to be safe and secure,” and part of realizing our vision is making sure that we are supporting our local communities, raising awareness about cyber security, and fulfilling our social responsibilities.

Most businesses (particularly large, public companies) tend to focus on maximizing their profitability, oftentimes at the expense of their employees and local communities. They also sometimes lose sight of the best long-term solution for their clients in exchange for short term gains. At COMPASS, we take our role of supporting the local community very seriously and view it as a critical component of our continued growth. We take this responsibility so seriously, in fact, that we have included it in our formal vision statements:

Vision Statement

Companies have a responsibility to society to contribute to the advancement and growth of their local communities in addition to helping their own team members develop. The same goes for when companies employ residents of local communities. What I am describing does not have to be a formal and complex community giveback program. Examples include obvious ones like creating jobs and financially supporting local nonprofit fundraising efforts. Other examples that can have a significant positive impact include serving on the boards of nonprofits, helping to raise awareness of local nonprofits, or something as simple as making an introduction. It could include speaking at a conference, serving on the board, or offering access to expertise pro bono.

We’ve learned that one of the key steps to realizing our vision is to hire team members who share this same sense of responsibility and get excited to give back while growing as professionals with COMPASS. You can grow a business, provide an exciting and rewarding environment for team members, and give back to the community all at the same time. Anyone who says you can’t is sadly mistaken and missing a tremendous opportunity to make their community a better place.

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