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2015’s Most Popular Posts on Cyber Security and More05 January 2016

IT Security, Policy Development, Risk Management

To kick off 2016, we begin with a look back on the great content written last year. Our expert authors covered a wide range of subjects in program management, cyber security, current events, and more. We also featured guest authors from industry-leading practices. As a recap, here are our most popular blog posts of 2015:

1. Project Management: Establishing a Work Breakdown Structure
Over the course of the year, Steve Hodges, our Manager of Program Management, wrote a series of articles discussing the most critical tasks, or steps, necessary for a successful program. In this third installment, Steve addresses the importance of developing a complete and accurate set of project work tasks, specifically highlighting the need for schedules and cost estimates for each task. Steve provides a step-by-step overview for successfully completing this critical task.

2. Why Your Organization Needs a Cyber Security Assessment
In this post, Chief Executive Officer Bob Olsen addresses the value of completing an annual cyber security assessment in an effort to determine your organization’s vulnerabilities, so that you can target specific opportunities for improvement that offer the highest return on investment. Bob highlights common misconceptions that often deter organizations from completing an assessment while looking at the benefits that it can provide.

3. How to Build an Effective Team Environment
Written by our co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Mike Shveda, this piece highlights the importance of company environment in an organization’s success. Mike gives tips on how to establish employee goals, standards, and expectations in order to build a culture that can deliver top quality services.

4. 3 Common Cyber Security Mistakes
In this post, Matt Flora, our Cyber Security Account Executive, examines three of the most common cyber security mistakes that organizations make. As it becomes more and more difficult to keep our data secure, Matt brings these mistakes to light while offering tips on how to avoid these common errors.

5. 2015: The Most Important Year in Data Security History?
In this post, Chief Information Security Officer Ron Nemes reflects on 2015 breaches and how they have affected our outlook on cyber security. It has become apparent that all industries can fall prey to a data breach, and it is time for organizations to take action to secure their networks.

We invite you to read the above blog posts and dozens of others to learn more about current trends in program management, cyber security, risk management, and other popular topics. Then feel free to get in touch for a conversation about your own organization. We’re thankful to our current authors and readers and look forward to a successful 2016.

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